Monday, April 20, 2015

Review #2! A Deep and Dark December!

Happy Monday everyone! I got another review for you to kick off the week!

Another author I had the pleasure of saying hi to at the California Dreamin’ Conference Author Signing was Beth Yarnall. I picked up her latest paranormal novel, A Deep and Dark December.

Love the cover! This was a very fast paced story with suspense, paranormal abilities and my favorite, romance! In the small town of San Rey, the December family has a reputation for being…odd. This isn’t an inaccurate statement as they all have special abilities, some of which involve seeing into the future, reading minds, or implanting suggestions into people’s minds.

Erin December, however, has been hiding her power. All she wants is to find her niche in this small town and be accepted. But her whole world is shifted on its axis when murder hits San Rey and Erin is dragged into the middle of it. Now the spotlight is on her and her strange family and the worse part is she can't even feign ignorance because she keeps having visions about the murders.

Erin finds herself in the middle of an investigation with hottie, Graham Doran, and together they must find the killer before all of San Rey is consumed into chaos, because this murderer isn’t like everyone else—they have an ability too. One that proves stronger than Erin could ever have imagined.

Like I said, this story was a very fast-paced read. It’s non-stop chills, thrills, and steamy Graham. If you like a good murder mystery with a hot sheriff and paranormal powers, this is definitely the book for you!

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