Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back in the Sunshine State

Well, there I go again not posting for a couple months. I'm starting to think that perhaps my New Year's Resolution should be to post more blogs...

Anyway, I'm now back in sunny California! Have been for a month now. And what a change compared to chilly Edmonton. I do miss that winter wonderland though...a teeny tiny bit.

Some quick updates: going back to my last post, I got some good words in for November. Got up to 9,000 which isn't huge compared to what the goal usually is for that month, but considering how much I had going on preparing for my masters defense, I'm very proud of myself for getting something written down.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! And Happy Late New Year! The holidays for me were a blast, like always, but they were a busy time. But now it's time to settle into a rhythm and get to writing.

The goal right now: to start with something small, to reach 1,000 words a day and see how that treats me. I remember reading that each author has their own sweet spot when it comes to word count and I was able to get my 1,000 in today without feeling pressed for time. I also felt really good about the writing quality, and even had some ideas left to get me going tomorrow. So here's to finding my own little writing niche! What about you guys? Any certain word length you are most comfortable or most productive at writing?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dusting off those cobwebs

It has been a long time since I've been on here. Grad school really has a knack for taking over your life. Anyway, excuses aside, I figured it was time to try and start blogging again with the few hours of freedom I've found myself with. Well, blogging and writing. And what better time to start writing again, seeing as it's November! You know what that means? NaNoWriMo! Got that right, National Novel Writing Month. I've always wanted to take part in it but never got around to it. And seeing as I've been living under a rock trying to finish my thesis, I thought it'd be the perfect way to jump start my writing again. So over the next 30 days I, like so many others, will attempt to write 50,000 words or more.

It's been a blast so far. Probably because I'm only one day in. But, hey, I'm an optimist. What I like about this challenge is that it's teaching me to turn my inner critic off. I have the nasty habit of trying to make my first draft perfect. This usually leads to taking a little bit longer to get a decent word count in. However, NaNoWriMo is all about the word count and it doesn't matter if the words are perfect, it's all about getting them down on paper...or in this case on the computer screen.

I'm thrilled to be writing again and can't wait to see what the end of the month will bring me. Happy writing everyone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

USA Today!

Shield from the Heart is now available and it was also mentioned on the USA Today website!! Check it out here: USA Today!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Print on Demand

Silent as the Grave is now available on Print on Demand! I'm so excited to hold my book in my hand that I can hardly contain myself! I can't wait!

Here's the link:
Paperback of Silent as the Grave

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guild of Truth Book 2!

I have officially signed my contract for book 2 in my Guild of Truth series and just received an e-mail from my editor about the cover worksheet, the author questionnaire, and the tentative release date! I'm really excited about filling out the cover worksheet. This is where I get to put in some ideas about what I want the cover to look like. I also give the cover art people a brief description of what the characters look like. The cover art department did such a wonderful job with Silent as the Grave that I can't wait to see what they do with book 2. Book 2 is tentatively titled, Shield from the Heart, and we'll see if that changes in the long run or not. I hope it stays, but that's up to the publisher. *crosses fingers that it stays*

And lastly, my tentative release date is December 24! Christmas Eve! I was really excited to hear this because while the majority of the book takes place during the month of Sept/Oct the epilogue is set during Christmas time. Funny how that works out, huh?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Blogging

Today I'm over at talking about never giving up and Silent as the Grave! Stop on by.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Social Media Advice for Writers

So now that I'm full recuperated from RWA and semi-recuperated from having my wisdom teeth taken out, I finally get to go over all the great things I learned from RWA. One of which is social media skills. I went to a workshop about social media and what really stuck with me was that: promotion can be seductive and deadly! And I totally agree with this. As a new author it's easy to get lost in wanting to do nothing but promote my new book. However, it's also easy to loose track of what's important. The writing!

The workshop stressed that you shouldn't try to tackle everything at once, and while I'm definitely one of those people that try, I'm slowly learning to pace myself. I learned that it's okay if I'm not a facebook guru, or a blogging guru, or even a twitter guru. What was important was that I find a social media device that worked best for me. And having been fiddling around with the different media sites, I think I've settled on Twitter. To me it's the most fun. Short, sweet, and to the point. Plus you can upload fun pictures! I know, I know, FB does that too, but for some reason it's a lot easier for me to handle on my iPhone. So I'm going to focus on my Twitter account. Does this mean my blog and facebook will be forgotten? Nah. I still have love for the FB and Blogger, they're just taking the backseat for a little while. ;)

Now that I've finally found what's hopefully a niche in the social media world, I'm going to set some goals to keep myself motivated. Instead of trying to tackle the world, I'm going to go slow, try to blog 1-2 times a week and Tweet at least once a day. Social media is like a habit, you have to practice to get good. So now it's time for me to practice. Wish me luck!