Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back in the Sunshine State

Well, there I go again not posting for a couple months. I'm starting to think that perhaps my New Year's Resolution should be to post more blogs...

Anyway, I'm now back in sunny California! Have been for a month now. And what a change compared to chilly Edmonton. I do miss that winter wonderland though...a teeny tiny bit.

Some quick updates: going back to my last post, I got some good words in for November. Got up to 9,000 which isn't huge compared to what the goal usually is for that month, but considering how much I had going on preparing for my masters defense, I'm very proud of myself for getting something written down.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! And Happy Late New Year! The holidays for me were a blast, like always, but they were a busy time. But now it's time to settle into a rhythm and get to writing.

The goal right now: to start with something small, to reach 1,000 words a day and see how that treats me. I remember reading that each author has their own sweet spot when it comes to word count and I was able to get my 1,000 in today without feeling pressed for time. I also felt really good about the writing quality, and even had some ideas left to get me going tomorrow. So here's to finding my own little writing niche! What about you guys? Any certain word length you are most comfortable or most productive at writing?